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—–  USA  —–

12/15 Sat, AIGA Oklahoma, Oklahoma, OK

12/04 Weds, AIGA Reno/Tahoe, Reno, NV

11/30 Fri & 12/11 Tues, Design Concepts, Inc., Madison, WI

11/08 Thurs, Harvard University Lamont Library, Cambridge, MA

11/03  Sat, Northwestern University Annenberg Hall, Evanston, IL

10/31 Weds, HCII CMU, Pittsburgh, PA

10/30 Tues, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

10/25 Thurs, Wayfair LLC, Boston, MA

10/18 Thurs, University of Cincinnati, Batavia, OH

10/18  Thurs, AIGA Tampa Bay, FL

10/9 Tues, Georgetown University, DC

10/08 Mon, Target, Minneapolis, MN

10/4 Thurs, MLD/DMI Night Out, San Diego, CA

10/3 Weds, IDSA-SF, San Francisco, CA

10/3  Weds, The Nerdery, Bloomington, MN

10/2 Tues, PSYCH! Conference/ AIGA Houston, Houston, TX

9/30 Sun, Palo Alto International Film Festival, Palo Alto, CA

9/27 Thurs, Kellogg Design Club, NWU, Evanston, IL

09/23 Sun, AIGA Detroit, Detroit, MI

9/21 Fri, Seattle Design Festival, Seattle, WA

9/12 Weds, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

9/6 Thurs, Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County, CA

8/18 Sat, Design Picnic LA, Los Angeles, CA

8/14 Tues, Critical Mass, Chicago, IL

8/1 Weds, Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA

7/25 Weds, Design Thinking DC Meetup, Washington, DC

6/21 Thurs + 6/24 Sun, Interisland Terminal Architecture & Design Film Series, Honolulu, HI

6/21 Thurs, Citrix, Santa Clara, CA

6/4 Mon, Idea Network, Greensboro, NC

6/2 Sat, Big Design Conference, Addison, TX

5/31 Thurs, Google, Mountain View, CA

5/24 Thurs, SVA New York Preview, New York

5/17 Thurs, Phoenix Design Summit, Phoenix, AZ

4/28 Sat, Newport Beach Film Festival, Orange County, LA


12/5 Weds, UnternehmerTUM-Stammgelände, Munich, Germany

11/15 Thurs, PebbleRoad Pte Ltd, Singapore, Singapore

11/09 Fri, British High School of Art and Design Mountain Crystal Center, Perm, Russia

11/09 Fri, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

10/25 Thurs & 10/26 Fri, Tembusu College NUS, Singapore, Singapore

10/09 Tues & 11/07 Wed, TechAviv, Herzliya, Israel

10/04 Thurs or 10/11 Thurs, Aalto University Design Factory, Espoo, Finland

10/02 Tues, Barclays, London, United Kingdom

09/28 Fri, Critical Mass, Calgary, Canada

09/11 Tues, Designit Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Israel

11/27 Tues, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

10/30 Tues, Analytic Design Group, Vancouver, Canada

10/25 Thurs, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia

10/22 Mon, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland

10/11 Thurs, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

10/9 Tues, Institut français d’Indonésie (IFI) à Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia

10/3 Weds, AGDA Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, Australia

09/28  Fri, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

09/27 Thurs, Hub Ottawa & IPAC (Institute of Public Administration of Canada), Ottawa, ON, Canada

09/25 Tues, AGDA South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

09/23 Sun, Formosa Show @ London Design Festival, London, UK

09/20 Thurs, Center for Public Sector Design, Canberra, ACT, Australia

9/20 Thurs, AGDA Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, Australia

09/19 Weds, AGDA Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

09/15 Fri, Design East 03, Osaka, Japan

09/14  Fri, Empathy & DINZ, Wellington, New Zealand

09/08  Sat, Empathy & DINZ, Auckland, New Zealand

09/05 Weds, Victoria Junior College, Singapore

9/2 Sun, UXI, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

8/30 Thurs, Grupo Entero, Guatemala , Guatemala

8/21 Tues, Accenture, Gent, Belgium

7/17 Tues, Service Design Berlin, Berlin, Germany

7/17 Tues, Cognizant Application Services ADAPT, Chennai, India

6/28 Thurs, Cape Town Design Network, Cape Town, South Africa

6/28 Thurs,  Different, East Sydney, Australia

6/28 Thurs,  31Volts, Utrecht, Netherlands

6/26 Tues, Swisscom,  Switzerland

6/21 Thurs, THALES,  France

6/5 Tues, HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam, Germany

5/31 Thurs, Splash + Artease, Singapore


4 Responses to Design&Thinking Screenings Schedule

  1. Joel says:

    I would like to show this movie to my colleagues at work. Nothing big and extravagant, I do not want to put on a “screening event” is there anyways to purchase or download this video?

    • designandthinking says:

      Dear Joel, you can write us to ask about small scale screening (, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when DVD/VOD sales become available next year!

  2. Juliet Brocki says:

    I’m interested in seeing this movie and would like to share it with my department. We are in the middle of a Design Thinking initiative (series of workshops offered over a 6 month period focusing on each phase). The DT team is now challenged with developing a continuous learning program to apply this methodology/philosophy for a division in ITS (SAP solution for HR and Finance functions at the Medical College).

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